About us

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For over 100 years the generations of our family have dedicated themselves to the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and olive products. Today we still harvest the same trees, which were planted and grown by our grandparents and just like them we have remained true to the traditional ways of cultivation, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Instead, we revive old fashioned but not outdated tricks, we use natural fertilizers and pesticides such as humus, compost, legumes and zeolite and we round it all up with much love to our calling and some late night singing...

The unique microclimate of the Egio region in the North West of Peloponnesus counts among the best for the cultivation of olive trees and is left to do all the work until the moment of harvest and pressing, when we are finally blessed with a produce of highest quality – natural Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Next to olive trees the mountainous region offers a wide variety of wild herbs, which we hand-pick and handle to produce natural cosmetics, herbal oils, soaps and healing products.

Our long experience in the olive tree cultivation in combination with academic studies in the field of food chemistry render us capable of providing you with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and olive-based products of the highest quality.

We also cooperate with other small producers and package stores so we can offer you high quality natural nutrition. We direct all our efforts to offer you the best from our homelands and thank you deeply for your warm support.