Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5lt

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Lt Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Lt
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Package of 5 lt in metal tin

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Our field of olive trees is located in the North of Peloponnesus, in the region of Egio.
The medium relevant humidity and the high level of sunshine all year around in combination with the red soil, the fresh sea air and the adaptation of the regional varieties Coroneiki, Manaki and Patrinia to this microclimate for over 100 years are responsible for the very low acidity, fresh fruity flavor and mild spiciness of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
During the harvest we collect the olives when they are still green, try not to damage them and press them as soon as possible. During the extraction we keep the temperature lower than 26 °C to avoid the hydrolysis of triglycerides, the oxidation of fatty acids and the loss of poly-phenols.

In reality, Greek nature does the all hard work and we do our best to respect it.