Reconstructive Healing Cream

Reconstructive Healing Cream Reconstructive Healing Cream
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50 ml hand made reconstructive and healing cream for face and body.

We inherited from our grandparents all the secrets for the cultivation of olive trees and for a great deal of remedies based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Even since my childhood I have been fascinated with the healing abilites of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Freshly pressed, pure and without any additives, it is the most natural cosmetic for the human skin with extraordinary healing abilities.

The recipes we produce are based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, St. John's Wort oil, bee wax, propolis, sweet almond oil, natural essential oils and hydrosols extracted from herbs. All these igredients are natural and we find them in our region in high quality.

Today, with the help of natural science and after many years of experimentation we have improved and taken these recipes even further, as to offer you extraordinary products using exclusively igredients given to us by mother Nature.