St John's Wort Oil

St John's wort oil 50ml St John's wort oil 50ml St John's wort oil 50ml
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Every summer one of nature's wonders blossoms in our fields. The name of the plant is Valsamo or Spathohorto, in Greek, while the English language knows it as St. John's Wort. Its scientific name is Hypericum Perforatum and it is known from ancient times for it's healing abilities.

Over the last thirty years thousands of scientific researches have proved that Hypericum Perforatum can heal over 300 known diseases. Pharmaceutical companies are thus producing hypericin - the main ingredient of hypericum perforatum- using chemical processes. We, on the other hand, extract hypericin and all other active ingredients with a natural traditional process, using extra virgin olive oil.

St. John's Wort oil heals skin scratches and burns and can also relieve from digestive dissorders, while it even works as a mild antidepressive, as hypericin helps brain neurons function better. Hypericin is known to attract the sun very strongly and its consumption is especially recommended if you reside in cold climates. The St. John's oil of our production is especially rich in hypericin, as the plants try to adjust to Greece's strong sun light.